Autobahn 3 is an autobahn in Germany going 778km(483mi) from The Netherlands to Austria.It passes through and along major cities such as Cologne,Aschaffenburg,Frankfurt am Main,Nuremberg,and Wiesbaden.Some parts are planning to be and are under construction:

  • The Autobahn will have 8 lanes near Cologne and Frankfurt am Main
  • The Autobahn will have 6 lanes from Aschaffenburg to Schlusselfeld
  • The 7.8km(4.9mi) long section between Aschaffenburg-Ost and Kauppenbrucke is under construction from September 2008 to November 2011
  • The 8km(5mi) long section between Dreieck Wurzburg-West to Wurzburg-Heidingsfeld is under construction from 2007 to fall,2010
  • The Autobahn will have 6 lanes between Schlusselfeld to Furth/Erlangen
  • The Autobahn will have 6 lanes near Regensburg