Autobahn 7 is the longest German Autobahn and longest European National Motorway. It goes 963km (598 miles) from Denmark (northern end) to Austria(southern end).


  • BORDER-EU Denmark (Continues as E45)
  • Interchange9 Rendsburg (A210)
  • Interchange12 Bordesholm (A215)
  • Interchange25 HH-Nordwest (A23)
  • Interchange33 HH-Südwest (A261)
  • Interchange36 Maschen (A1)
  • Interchange37 Horst (A1, A250)
  • Interchange48 Walsrode (A27)
  • Interchange53 Hanover-Nord (A352)
  • Interchange56 Hanover/Kirchhorst (A37)
  • Interchange57 Hanover-Ost (A2)
  • Interchange60 Hanover-Süd (A37)
  • Interchange64 Salzgitter (A39)
  • Interchange74 Drammetal (A38)
  • Interchange79 Kassel-Mitte (A49)
  • Interchange80 Kassel-Süd (A44)
  • Interchange86 Kirchheim (A4)
  • Interchange88 Hattenbach (A5)
  • Interchange93 Fulda (A66)
  • Interchange102 Biebelried (A3)
  • Interchange110 Feuchtwangen / Crailsheim (A6)
  • Interchange120 Ulm/Elchingen (A8)
  • Interchange122 Hittistetten (B28)
  • Interchange128 Memmingen (A96)
  • Interchange136 Allgäu (A980)
  • BORDER-EU Austria (Continues as B179)

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