Freeways are expressways that usually have free-flowing traffic.


In The US, freeways are typically dual carriageways with a median and 100% grade-separated junctions (i.e. overpass/underpass).

In Marquette, MI, there is a divided highway that's a freeway according to the road signs. Another prespective toward the claim of it being a freeway is that some roads are cutoff from crossing it and it has at-grade junctions with traffic lights.

Around Pennsylvania, roadgeeks refer to the older limited/controlled access highways as expressways, and the newer ones are refered to as freeways.

In Florida, roadgeeks refer to expressways as any controlled/limited access highway; and they use the term freeway for any controlled/limited access highway that's free of charge.

Almost all Interstate highways are typical US freeways.

A Jersey freeway is a freeway that has driveways to private property but has almost 100% grade-separated intersections.