• BORDER Canada
  • ExitR1A Camas
  • ExitR1B 6th St
  • ExitR1C Mill Plain Blvd
  • ExitR1D 4th Plain Blvd
  • ExitR2 Orchards
  • ExitR3 Main St
  • ExitR4 NE 78th St
  • ExitR5 NE 99th St
  • ExitR6 NE 134th St
  • InterchangeExitR7 (I-205, I-84, SR 18)
  • ExitR9 NE 179th St
  • ExitR11 NE 219th St
  • ExitR14 Pioneer St
  • ExitR16 NW La Center Rd
  • ExitR21 Woodland
  • ExitR22 Dike Access Rd
  • ExitR27 Todd Rd
  • ExitR30 Kalama

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  • ExitR1 Siskiyou Summit
  • ExitR6 Mt Ashland
  • ExitR11 Siskiyou Blvd
  • ExitR14 Ashland
  • ExitR19 Valley View Rd
  • ExitR21 Talent
  • ExitR24 Phoenix
  • ExitR27 Barnett Rd
  • ExitR30 North Medford

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  • BORDER Mexico (continue at D1)
  • ExitR1A Camino de la Plaza
  • Interchange1A (I-805)
  • ExitR1B Via de San Ysidro
  • ExitR2 Dairy Mart Rd
  • ExitR3 Tocayo Avenue
  • ExitR4 Coronado Ave
  • ExitR5A Palm Ave
  • ExitR5B Main St
  • ExitR6 Palomar St
  • ExitR7A L St
  • ExitR7B J St
  • ExitR8A H St
  • ExitR8B E St

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